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Sex-specific asymmetries in communication sound perception are not related to hand preference in an early primate: ... specializations in conspecific sound processing in Old ...

Marina Scheumann et al.

BMC Biology , 16 Jan 2008

Transmission stage investment of malaria parasites in response to in-host competition: Conspecific competition occurs in a ...

Andrew R Wargo et al.

Proceedings of the Royal Society B: Biological Sciences , 22 Okt 2007

Plant Volatiles, Rather than Light, Determine the Nocturnal Behavior of a Caterpillar: ... or infested by conspecific larvae) in the dark. ...

Kaori Shiojiri et al.

PLoS Biology , 01 Jun 2006

Human Amygdala Sensitivity to the Pupil Size of Others: ... on the part of a conspecific, even in the absence of ...

K.E. Demos et al.

Cerebral Cortex (New York, NY) , 01 Dez 2008

Seed Dispersal and Spatial Pattern in Tropical Trees: ... the extent and scale of conspecific spatial aggregation is ...

Tristram G Seidler et al.

PLoS Biology , 01 Nov 2006

Does the DNA barcoding gap exist? – a case study in blue butterflies (Lepidoptera: Lycaenidae): ... 16% of specimens with conspecific sequences in the ...

Martin Wiemers et al.

Frontiers in Zoology , 07 Mrz 2007

Asymmetrical Reinforcement and Wolbachia Infection in Drosophila: ... against allopatric conspecific males, whereas females ...

John Jaenike et al.

PLoS Biology , 01 Okt 2006

Functional MRI of Auditory Responses in the Zebra Finch Forebrain Reveals a Hierarchical Organisation Based on Signal Strength but Not Selectivity: ... selectivity for BOS and conspecific song in different ...

Tiny Boumans et al.

PLoS ONE , 10 Sep 2008

Spontaneous Altruism by Chimpanzees and Young Children: ... toward humans and conspecifics. In two comparative ...

Felix Warneken et al.

PLoS Biology , 01 Jul 2007

Swordtail Fry Attend to Chemical and Visual Cues in Detecting Predators and Conspecifics: ... of predators and conspecifics. To test these ...

Seth W. Coleman et al.

PLoS ONE , 27 Dez 2006

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