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mitgehört listened
mitgehört listened in
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Teaching cardiac auscultation to trainees in internal medicine and family practice: Does it work?: ... academic cardiologists listened to 33 cardiac events in ...

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A Rapid Sound-Action Association Effect in Human Insular Cortex: ... subjects who passively listened to simple piano ...

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Unforgettable film music: The role of emotion in episodic long-term memory for music: ... later, participants listened to the 40 old and 40 ...

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The description of cough sounds by healthcare professionals: ... medicine. Participants listened to 9 sequences of ...

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Why Reassurance Fails in Patients with Unexplained Symptoms—An Experimental Investigation of Remembered Probabilities: ... and 30 healthy controls listened to an audiotaped ...

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Quality in general practice consultations; a qualitative study of the views of patients living in an area of high socio-economic deprivation in Scotland: ... to patients feeling (a) listened to by the doctor and ...

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Attentional influences on functional mapping of speech sounds in human auditory cortex: ... substrates. Subjects listened to two different ...

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Patient satisfaction with primary care: an observational study comparing anthroposophic and conventional care: ... that their physicians listened to them (80.0% vs. ...

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