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Perforated duodenal ulcer: which operation?

P J Gill et al.

The Ulster Medical Journal , 01 Okt 1987

Perforated diverticulitis presenting as necrotising fasciitis of the leg

Timothy J Underwood et al.

World journal of emergency surgery : WJES , 27 Feb 2008

Geographic disparities in the risk of perforated appendicitis among children in Ohio: 2001–2003

Robert B Penfold et al.

International Journal of Health Geographics , 04 Nov 2008

A prospective cohort study of postoperative complications in the management of perforated peptic ulcer

Smita S Sharma et al.

BMC Surgery , 16 Jun 2006

Magnet induced perforated appendicitis and ileo-caecal fistula formation

Andrew J Robinson et al.

The Ulster Medical Journal , 01 Jan 2009

Perforated Meckel's diverticulitis complicating active Crohn's ileitis: a case report

Frank Schwenter et al.

Journal of Medical Case Reports , 13 Jan 2009

Intrathoracic drainage of a perforated prepyloric gastric ulcer with a type II paraoesophageal hernia

Robert A Pol et al.

World Journal of Emergency Surgery : WJES , 08 Dez 2008

Perforated gastric carcinoma: a report of 10 cases and review of the literature

Franco Roviello et al.

World Journal of Surgical Oncology , 30 Mrz 2006

Scrotal abscess as a complication of perforated appendicitis: A case report and review of the literature

Mohammad M Saleem

Cases Journal , 19 Sep 2008

Results of emergency Hartmann's operation for obstructive or perforated left-sided colorectal cancer

Pierre Charbonnet et al.

World Journal of Surgical Oncology , 23 Aug 2008

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