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irgendetwas Definition: [1] etwas Unbestimmtes; etwas nicht näher Spezifiziertes
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Rheumatologists, take heart! We may be doing something right

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For once then, something...

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Fast, cheap and somewhat in control

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Some methods for blindfolded record linkage

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Does any aspect of mind survive brain damage that typically leads to a persistent vegetative state? Ethical considerations

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Treatment of achalasia: the short-term response to botulinum toxin injection seems to be independent of any kind of pretreatment

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Stability of the primary organization of nucleosome core particles upon some conformational transitions.

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QTc and psychopharmacs: are there any differences between monotherapy and polytherapy

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The Australian mental health system: An economic overview and some research issues

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Reaction kinetics of some important site-specific endonucleases.

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