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insektenfressend Definition: [1] dazu veranlagt, sich von Kleintieren zu ernähren
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The Perils of Picky Eating: Dietary Breadth Is Related to Extinction Risk in Insectivorous Bats

Justin G. Boyles et al.

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Multiple components in restriction enzyme digests of mammalian (insectivore), avian and reptilian genomic DNA hybridize with murine immunoglobulin VH probes.

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The Relative Influence of Competition and Prey Defenses on the Phenotypic Structure of Insectivorous Bat Ensembles in Southern Africa

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XIII International Entomophagous Insects Workshop


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Identification of New Rabies Virus Variant in Mexican Immigrant: ... virus originated from insectivorous bats. Enhanced ...

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Thottapalayam virus is genetically distant to the rodent-borne hantaviruses, consistent with its isolation from the Asian house shrew ( Suncus murinus ): ... India in 1964 from an insectivore, Suncus murinus , ...

Pragya D Yadav et al.

Virology Journal , 21 Aug 2007

Great Tits ( Parus major ) Reduce Caterpillar Damage in Commercial Apple Orchards: ... nest boxes to attract insectivorous passerines in orchards ...

Christel M.M. Mols et al.

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From Plants to Birds: Higher Avian Predation Rates in Trees Responding to Insect Herbivory: ... For example, insectivorous birds are attracted to ...

Elina Mäntylä et al.

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Motility is required for the competitive fitness of entomopathogenic Photorhabdus luminescens during insect infection: ... interaction with entomophagous nematodes of the family ...

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Characterizing structural features of cuticle-degrading proteases from fungi by molecular modeling: ... proteases PR1 from entomophagous fungus, Ver112 and VCP1 ...

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