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dreieckig three-cornered
dreieckig triangular
dreieckig triangularly
deDeutsch esSpanisch
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dreieckig triangular
deDeutsch frFranzösisch
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dreieckig triangulaire
deDeutsch itItalienisch
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dreieckig triangolare
1 Wort
dreieckig triangulär
dreieckig Definition: [1] die Form eines Dreiecks habend
0 Beispiele

A novel GJA8 mutation causing a recessive triangular cataract

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Geometric Triangular Chiral Hexagon Crystal-Like Complexes Organization in Pathological Tissues Biological Collision Order

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"Contagious Love": A Qualitative Study of the Couple Relationships of Ten AIDS Carriers: ... based on Sternberg's triangular love theory (involving ...

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Design Process of an Area-Efficient Photobioreactor: ... compartment and is triangular shaped to ensure the ...

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