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1 Wort
aufgeworfen broached
aufgeworfen introduced
aufgeworfen posed
aufgeworfen pouting
2 Wörter
sich aufgeworfen curled up
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Rapid evolution in response to introduced predators II: the contribution of adaptive plasticity

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Expression of cloned immunoglobulin genes introduced into mouse L cells.

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Preventing Establishment: An Inventory of Introduced Plants in Puerto Villamil, Isabela Island, Galapagos

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Artificially Introduced Aneuploid Chromosomes Assume a Conserved Position in Colon Cancer Cells

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The importance of comparative phylogeography in diagnosing introduced species: a lesson from the seal salamander, Desmognathus monticola

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Rapid evolution in response to introduced predators I: rates and patterns of morphological and life-history trait divergence

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Influence of flanking sequences on variability in expression levels of an introduced gene in transgenic tobacco plants.

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Distribution, spread, and ecological associations of the introduced ant Pheidole obscurithorax in the southeastern United States

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Introduced Mammalian Predators Induce Behavioural Changes in Parental Care in an Endemic New Zealand Bird

Melanie Massaro et al.

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Covalent crosslinks introduced via a triple helix-forming oligonucleotide coupled to psoralen are inefficiently repaired.

F X Barre et al.

Nucleic Acids Research , 01 Feb 1999

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