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Why the fair innings argument is not persuasive

Michael M Rivlin

BMC Medical Ethics , 21 Dez 2000

Patient expectations of fair complaint handling in hospitals: empirical data

Roland D Friele et al.

BMC Health Services Research , 18 Aug 2006

A reasonable Approach for the Treatment of HIV Infection in the Early Phase with Ozonetherapy (Autohaemotherapy). How ‘Inflammatory’ Cytokines may have A therapeutic Role

V. Bocci

Mediators of Inflammation , 1994

When Should Potentially False Research Findings Be Considered Acceptable?

Benjamin Djulbegovic et al.

PLoS Medicine , 01 Feb 2007

Pro/con ethics debate: is nonheart-beating organ donation ethically acceptable?

Leslie Whetstine et al.

Critical Care , 2002

System of accelerating methods of evaluating toxicity and hazardous properties of substances.: ... by using MACrv (maximum admissible concentrations of ...

S A Shigan

Environmental Health Perspectives , 01 Jun 1979

Are Privilege and Immunity Laws Fair?


Environmental Health Perspectives , 01 Aug 1997

U.S. air only fair.

Bob Weinhold

Environmental Health Perspectives , 01 Aug 2002

Range of shoulder motion in patients with adhesive capsulitis; Intra-tester reproducibility is acceptable for group comparisons

Einar Kristian Tveitå et al.

BMC Musculoskeletal Disorders , 12 Apr 2008

Intensity modulated radiotherapy for localized prostate cancer: rigid compliance to dose-volume constraints as a warranty of acceptable toxicity?

Michael J Chen et al.

Radiation Oncology (London, England) , 15 Jan 2007

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