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Memory recall in arousing situations – an emotional von Restorff effect?

Daniel Wiswede et al.

BMC Neuroscience , 24 Jul 2006

Early cortical facilitation for emotionally arousing targets during the attentional blink

Andreas Keil et al.

BMC Biology , 20 Jul 2006

Is the routine pressure dressing after thyroidectomy necessary? A prospective randomized controlled study

Patorn Piromchai et al.

BMC Ear, Nose, and Throat Disorders , 20 Mrz 2008

High-throughput avian molecular sexing by SYBR green-based real-time PCR combined with melting curve analysis

Hsueh-Wei Chang et al.

BMC Biotechnology , 12 Feb 2008

Does architectural lighting contribute to breast cancer?

Mariana G Figueiro et al.

Journal of Carcinogenesis , 10 Aug 2006

Fast and non-invasive PCR sexing of primates: apes, Old World monkeys, New World monkeys and Strepsirrhines

Palle Villesen et al.

BMC Ecology , 08 Jun 2006

3D Wavelet Subbands Mixing for Image Denoising

Pierrick Coupé et al.

International Journal of Biomedical Imaging , 2008

A highly polymorphic insertion in the Y-chromosome amelogenin gene can be used for evolutionary biology, population genetics and sexing in Cetacea and Artiodactyla

Matthias Macé et al.

BMC Genetics , 16 Okt 2008

Mixing patterns and the spread of close-contact infectious diseases

WJ Edmunds et al.

Emerging Themes in Epidemiology , 14 Aug 2006

A new approach to mixing techniques for enhanced performance in automated sample preparation

François Qian et al.

The Journal of Automatic Chemistry , 1995

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