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Steueraufkommen Definition: Le produit fiscal.
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Economic gains and health benefits from a new cigarette tax scheme in Taiwan: a simulation using the CGE model: ... increase in cigarette tax in Taiwan in terms of the effects it has on the overall economy and the health benefits that it brings. Methods The multisector computable general equilibrium (CGE) model was used to simulate the impact of reduced cigarette consumption resulting from a new tax scheme on the entire economy gains and on health benefits. Results The results predict that because of the new tax scheme, there should be a marked reduction in cigarette consumption but a notable increase in health benefits that include saving between 28,125 and 56,250 lives. This could save NT$1.222~2.445 billion (where US$1 = NT$34.6) annually in life-threatening, cigarette-related health insurance expenses which exceeds the projected decrease of NT$1.275 billion in Gross Domestic Product (GDP) because of reduced consumption and therefore tax revenue. Conclusion ...

Chun-Yuan Ye et al.

BMC Public Health , 10 Mrz 2006

Public opinion regarding earmarked cigarette tax in Taiwan: ... Taiwan (NT) $5 per pack tax earmarked for the purpose of tobacco control. This study uses a survey collected prior to taxation to assess public attitudes toward cigarette taxation, public beliefs about the effectiveness of cigarette taxation at reducing cigarette use and public opinions about the allocation of this tax revenue. Methods Data were ...

Yi-Wen Tsai et al.

BMC Public Health , 24 Dez 2003

The beneficial effects of inhaled nitric oxide in patients with severe traumatic brain injury complicated by acute respiratory distress syndrome: a hypothesis: ... costs, increased tax revenue secondary to ...

Thomas J Papadimos

Journal of Trauma Management and Outcomes , 14 Jan 2008