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deDeutsch enEnglisch
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Irrkreis vicious circle
deDeutsch frFranzösisch
1 Wort
Irrkreis cercle vicieux
Irrkreis enchaînement diabolique
Irrkreis spirale vertueuse
deDeutsch idIndonesisch
1 Wort
Irrkreis lingkaran setan
deDeutsch nlNiederländisch
1 Wort
Irrkreis vicieuze cirkel
deDeutsch plPolnisch
1 Wort
Irrkreis błędne koło
1 Wort
Irrkreis Teufelskreis
0 Definitionen
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Current concepts on ventricular fibrillation: A Vicious Circle of Cardiomyocyte Calcium Overload in the Initiation, Maintenance, and Termination of Ventricular Fibrillation

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PPAR- γ , Microglial Cells, and Ocular Inflammation: New Venues for Potential Therapeutic Approaches: ... that could trigger a vicious circle and further deteriorate ...

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The cost of health professionals' brain drain in Kenya: ... of her people in the vicious circle of ill-health and ...

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Effects of job rotation and role stress among nurses on job satisfaction and organizational commitment: ... This would avoid the vicious circle of high turnover, which ...

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Association between obesity, quality of life, physical activity and health service utilization in primary care patients with osteoarthritis: ... care to break the vicious circle of overweight, ...

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The cancer stem cell: Evidence for its origin as an injured autoreactive T Cell: ... to cancer, leading to a vicious circle of infection, ...

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The contribution of embarrassment to phobic dental anxiety: a qualitative research study: ... changes in a vicious circle of anxiety and ...

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