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Irisieren Schillern
irisieren Definition: [1] bunt schillern (in allen Regenbogenfarben)
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Signal Transduction in the Footsteps of Goethe and Schiller

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A critical evaluation of the use of the Schiller test in selecting blocks from the uterine cervix in suspected intraepithelial neoplasia.

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Identification of genes encoding zinc finger proteins, non-histone chromosomal HMG protein homologue, and a putative GTP phosphohydrolase in the genome of Chilo iridescent virus.

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Friedrich Schiller, medicine, psychology and literature with the first English edition of his complete medical and psychological writings


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Iridovirus in the root weevil Diaprepes abbreviatus: Invertebrate iridescent virus 6 (IIV6) was ...

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The Bacterial Symbiont Wolbachia Induces Resistance to RNA Viral Infections in Drosophila melanogaster: ... virus infection (Insect Iridescent Virus 6). These results ...

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Readmission to a surgical intensive care unit: incidence, outcome and risk factors: ... unit (ICU) at Friedrich Schiller University Hospital, ...

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