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Hinstellen placement
hinstellen to arrange
hinstellen to deposit
hinstellen to kock up
hinstellen to put down
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Fluoroscopic Placement of Double-Pigtail Ureteral Stents

Gregory L. Chen et al.

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Hostel placement of mentally handicapped patients in Northern Ireland.

P. Bell

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Penile Corporeal Reconstruction during Difficult Placement of a Penile Prosthesis

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Pancreatic pseudocystwith stent placement in the background of narcotic use: a case report

Stephen Offord et al.

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Phylogenetic placement of the enigmatic parasite, Polypodium hydriforme , within the Phylum Cnidaria

Nathaniel M Evans et al.

BMC Evolutionary Biology , 09 Mai 2008

Disseminated tuberculosis following the placement of ureteral stents: a case repot

Bashar Salem

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Laparotomy enables retrograde dilatation and stent placement for malignant esophago-respiratory fistula

Alexander Rehders et al.

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Specialised placement of morphs within the gall of the social aphid Pemphigus spyrothecae

Nathan Pike

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A Preliminary Report on Combined Penoscrotal and Perineal Approach for Placement of Penile Prosthesis with Corporal Fibrosis

John P. Brusky et al.

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A prospective study of tracheopulmonary complications associated with the placement of narrow-bore enteral feeding tubes

Athos J Rassias et al.

Critical Care , 1998

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