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Entlastung Definition: [1] das Entlasten o. das Entlastetwerden
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NMRDyn: A Program for NMR Relaxation Studies of Protein Association

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Thermodynamic phase plane analysis of ventricular contraction and relaxation

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Arsenic-induced dysfunction in relaxation of blood vessels.

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Cyclic AMP signalling pathways in the regulation of uterine relaxation

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Relaxation training for anxiety: a ten-years systematic review with meta-analysis

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Integrating Biosystem Models Using Waveform Relaxation

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Step-wise DNA relaxation and decatenation by NaeI-43K.

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Genomic Counter-Stress Changes Induced by the Relaxation Response

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Diminished nitroprusside-induced relaxation of inflamed colonic smooth muscle in mice.

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Synthesis of a thymidine phosphoramidite labelled with 13C at C6: relaxation studies of the loop region in a 13C labelled DNA hairpin.

J R Williamson et al.

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