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Prescribing Antimicrobial Agents for Dogs and Cats via University Pharmacies in Finland – Patterns and Quality of Information: ... was 3–5%. The average duration of the treatment ...

K Hölsö et al.

Acta Veterinaria Scandinavica , 2005

Efficacy and adverse effects of intravenous lignocaine therapy in fibromyalgia syndrome: ... on work status. The average duration of pain relief after ...

JH Raphael et al.

BMC Musculoskeletal Disorders , 08 Sep 2002

Sick leave certification: a unique perspective on frequency and duration of episodes - a complete record of sickness certification in a defined population of employees in Malta: ... absenteeism, with an average duration of 2.9 days, were ...

Jean Karl Soler

BMC Family Practice , 27 Mrz 2003

Abdominal surgical site infections: incidence and risk factors at an Iranian teaching hospital: ... was dirty infected. The average age for the patients was 46.7 years. The operations were elective in 75.7% of the cases and 24.7% were urgent. The average duration of the operation was ...

Seyd Mansour Razavi et al.

BMC Surgery , 27 Feb 2005

Outcomes of Ilizarov ring fixation in recalcitrant infected tibial non-unions – a prospective study: ... patients with an average follow up of 13 months following fracture union. The results were analysed using the ASAMI scoring system. Results Of 22 patients in the study, 13 patients who underwent external bone transport, had an average bone gap of 4 cms [2–11 cms] with an average duration of fixation of 9.3 ...

Thayur R Madhusudhan et al.

Journal of Trauma Management and Outcomes , 23 Jul 2008

Short and long term treatment of asthma with intravenous nutrients: ... longer period of time (average 5.8 months). Pulmonary function was analyzed by spirometric testing with pre- and post-infusion spirometric measurements with the pre/post group. For longer term (Trend) patients, baseline spirometry measurements were compared to spirometry measurements after patients had received multiple infusions over a period of time. Eight (8) patients were measured for both pre/post and Trend data. Results The 38 pre-infusion/post-infusion patients with acute and chronic asthma demonstrated an overall average improvement (percentage improvement in percent predicted) of 45%. The 13 patients measured for improvement over time (Trend data, average duration 5.82 months), ...

Welman A Shrader

Nutrition Journal , 14 Mai 2004

Population distribution and burden of acute gastrointestinal illness in British Columbia, Canada: ... per person-year, and an average probability that an individual developed illness in the year of 71.6% (95% CI 68.0–74.8), weighted by population size were observed. The average duration of illness was 3.7 ...

M Kate Thomas et al.

BMC Public Health , 19 Dez 2006

Economic evaluation of human papillomavirus vaccination in the United Kingdom: ... per QALY gained, if the average duration of protection from the ...

Mark Jit et al.

BMJ : British Medical Journal , 2008

A meta-analysis of randomized controlled trials in pulmonary arterial hypertension: ... sensitivity analysis. Average duration of the trials was 14.3 ...

Nazzareno Galiè et al.

European Heart Journal , 01 Feb 2009

Rapidly destructive osteoarthritis of the hip joint: a case series: ... clinical feature. The average duration of symptoms was 1.4 ...

Sameer Batra et al.

Journal of Orthopaedic Surgery and Research , 11 Jan 2008

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