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Dressing dressing
enEnglisch deDeutsch
1 Wort
Dressing Verband
dressing Appretur
dressing Aufbereitung
dressing Dressing
dressing Salatsoße
dressing ankleidend
dressing anmachend
dressing anziehend
dressing aufbereitend
dressing zubereitend
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enEnglisch afAfrikaans
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dressing down dapperheid
dressing down durf
dressing down moed
enEnglisch daDänisch
2 Wörter
dressing down mod
dressing room garderobe
enEnglisch elGriechisch
2 Wörter
dressing down σφάξιμο(το)|σφάξιμο(το)
dressing down σφαγή(η)
dressing down υλοτομία(η)
enEnglisch eoEsperanto
2 Wörter
dressing down buĉado
dressing down buĉo
dressing down elfosado
dressing down faligo
dressing down kuraĝo
dressing room vestejo
enEnglisch esSpanisch
2 Wörter
dressing down valor
dressing down virtud
dressing room guardarropa
dressing room ropero
dressing room ropería
enEnglisch foFäröisch
2 Wörter
dressing down dirvi
enEnglisch frFranzösisch
2 Wörter
dressing down abattage
dressing room vestiaire
enEnglisch huUngarisch
2 Wörter
dressing down bátorság
enEnglisch itItalienisch
2 Wörter
dressing down abbattimento
dressing down coraggio
dressing room guardaroba
enEnglisch laLatein
2 Wörter
dressing down cervix
enEnglisch nlNiederländisch
2 Wörter
dressing down courage
dressing down dapperheid
dressing down durf
dressing down lef
dressing down moed
dressing down omverwerping
dressing down opdelving
dressing down slacht
dressing down slachting
dressing down winning
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enEnglisch noNorwegisch
2 Wörter
dressing down mot
enEnglisch plPolnisch
2 Wörter
dressing down odwaga
enEnglisch ptPortugiesisch
2 Wörter
dressing down carnificina
dressing down coragem
dressing down denodo
dressing down massacre
dressing down matança
dressing down ânimo
dressing room guarda-roupa
dressing room vestiário
enEnglisch roRumänisch
2 Wörter
dressing down curaj
enEnglisch svSchwedisch
2 Wörter
dressing down mandom
dressing down mod
dressing room garderob
dressing room kapprum
enEnglisch tlTagalog
2 Wörter
dressing down tápang
enEnglisch io
2 Wörter
dressing room vesteyo
enEnglisch trTürkisch
2 Wörter
dressing room vestiyer
frFranzösisch enEnglisch
1 Wort
dressing walk-in closet
dressing-room walk-in closet
Biological Dressings Definition: Human or animal tissue used as temporary wound coverings.
Occlusive Dressings Definition: Material, usually gauze or absorbent cotton, used to cover and protect wounds, to seal them from contact with air or bacteria. (From Dorland, 27th ed)
Periodontal Dressings Definition: Surgical dressings, after periodontal surgery, applied to the necks of teeth and the adjacent tissue to cover and protect the surgical wound. (Boucher's Clinical Dental Terminology, 4th ed, p218)
Transvestism Definition: Disorder characterized by recurrent, intense sexually arousing fantasies, sexual urges, or behaviors involving cross-dressing in a heterosexual male. The fantasies, urges, or behaviors cause clinically significant distress or impairment in social, occupational or other areas of functioning. (from APA, DSM-IV, 1994)
Dressing Change Definition: Actions performed to remove and replace new bandage(s) to a wound.
Bandages, Hydrocolloid Definition: Dressings comprised of a self-adhesive matrix to which hydrophilic absorbent particles are embedded. The particles consist of CELLULOSE derivatives; calcium ALGINATES; PECTINS; or GELS. The utility is based on providing a moist environment for WOUND HEALING.
DRESSING, COMPRESSION Definition: An elastic bandage is a device consisting of either a long flat strip or a tube of elasticized material that is used to support and compress a part of a patient's body.
Dressing Kits Definition: Prepackaged collections (custom or standard) of the necessary equipment and supplies used to apply therapeutic or protective materials to a surgical wound or other entity (e.g., intravenous catheter, drug infusion port, skin tear, skin abrasion, pressure ulcer, laceration, or avulsion). Items in these kits typically include various bandages or dressings, disinfecting/skin prep swabs, labels, and adhesive/tape. Dressing kits designed for specific applications (e.g., central venous catheter dressing kits) are available.
Jars, Dressing Definition: Jars used as clean containers to store dressings and bandages free from contamination. These devices are either disposable (e.g., single-use) or reusable cylindrical containers with no handles made of stainless steel or, less frequently, plastic or glass with a tight lid that is usually made of the same material; they are supplied in a variety of sizes according to the dressing and/or bandage dimensions. Dressing jars are used to store dressings and/or bandages that are intended to be placed over a wound or diseased tissue during examination, treatment, and/or surgical procedures performed in hospitals, doctors' offices, and at home.
Scissors, Bandage Definition: Scissors designed to cut bandage, gauze, and dressing. These scissors are typically strong, handheld, manual instruments with two metallic (e.g., stainless steel) blades with sharp edges that slide past each other (i.e., shearing action); usually one blade is longer than the other and finished in a sharp or probe-like tip while the shorter blade has a rounded tip. The blades are usually attached to handles with the proximal end conformed as a ring to facilitate holding and operating with the fingers; both parts are joined by a swivel pin in the center.
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abattage Definition: Action d’abattre, de faire tomber les bois qui sont sur pied.
abattage Definition: Action de tuer[http://www.oie.int/fr/normes/mcode/fr_sommaire.htm] des animaux, en vue de la boucherie, pour limiter la prolifération d'une espèce ou par précaution contre une épidémie. Pour les autres cas on utilise plutôt le mot "euthanasie".
abattage Definition: Vendre à l'abattage: en grande quantité.
abattage Definition: Action de retourner une pierre, une pièce de bois dans un chantier.
abattage Definition: Taille, recoupement de la pierre en lui conservant une face.
abattage Definition: Action de détacher, d’extraire un minerai d'un gisement.
abattage Definition: Action d’abattre un navire c’est-à-dire de le mettre sur le côté pour le réparer.
abattage Definition: À certains jeux, action d'abattre, de poser et dévoiler ses cartes sur la table ou le plateau de jeu.
abattage Definition: Sévère correction.
abattage Definition: Vigueur, entrain.
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