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Aufseherinnen overseers
Aufseherinnen supervisors
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Leniency and halo effects in marking undergraduate short research projects: Background Supervisors are often involved in ...

Brian H McKinstry et al.

BMC Medical Education , 29 Nov 2004

Improving return-to-work after childbirth: design of the [email protected] study, a randomised controlled trial and cohort study: ... Structural contact of supervisors with employees on ...

Suzanne GM Stomp-van den Berg et al.

BMC Public Health , 29 Mrz 2007

An Evaluation of Personal Health Information Remnants in Second-Hand Personal Computer Disk Drives: ... (PHI) from data custodians. One form of data ...

Khaled El Emam et al.

Journal of Medical Internet Research , 30 Sep 2007

Selecting interventions to promote fruit and vegetable consumption: from policy to action, a planning framework case study in Western Australia: ... and supply. Lead agency custodians for management of the ...

Christina M Pollard et al.

Australia and New Zealand Health Policy , 24 Dez 2008

Community-based DOTS and family member DOTS for TB control in Nepal: costs and cost-effectiveness: ... by patients and their supervisors. The cost-effectiveness ...

Tolib N Mirzoev et al.

Cost Effectiveness and Resource Allocation : C/E , 24 Okt 2008

Starting School Healthy and Ready to Learn: Using Social Indicators to Improve School Readiness in Los Angeles County: ... Angeles County Board of Supervisors and First 5 ...

Cheryl Wold et al.

Preventing Chronic Disease , 15 Sep 2007

CMKb: a web-based prototype for integrating Australian Aboriginal customary medicinal plant knowledge: ... demise of many of its custodians. We have developed the ...

Jitendra Gaikwad et al.

BMC Bioinformatics , 12 Dez 2008

Evaluating Common De-Identification Heuristics for Personal Health Information: ... risk. Data custodians and researchers need to ...

Khaled El Emam et al.

Journal of Medical Internet Research , 21 Nov 2006

A study of sister chromatid exchange and somatic cell mutation in hospital workers exposed to ethylene oxide.: ... operators and supervisors from the Central ...

D J Tomkins et al.

Environmental Health Perspectives , 01 Okt 1993

Enhancing malaria control using a computerised management system in southern Africa: ... management and field supervisors to monitor spraying ...

Marlize Booman et al.

Malaria Journal , 06 Jun 2003

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