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Estrogen receptor-alpha (ER-alpha) and defects in uterine receptivity in women

Bruce A Lessey et al.

Reproductive Biology and Endocrinology , 09 Okt 2006

Quantifying Exocytosis by Combination of Membrane Capacitance Measurements and Total Internal Reflection Fluorescence Microscopy in Chromaffin Cells

Ute Becherer et al.

PLoS ONE , 06 Jun 2007

Uterine receptivity and implantation: The regulation and action of insulin-like growth factor binding protein-1 (IGFBP-1), HOXA10 and forkhead transcription factor-1 (FOXO-1) in the baboon endometrium

J J Kim et al.

Reproductive biology and endocrinology : RB&E , 16 Jun 2004

Three-dimensional ultrasound assessment of endometrial receptivity: a review

Juan Luis Alcázar

Reproductive Biology and Endocrinology , 09 Nov 2006

Effects of bradykinin on venous capacitance in health and treated chronic heart failure

Prasad Gunaruwan et al.

Clinical Science (London, England : 1979) , 01 Mrz 2009

The Self-Perception and Relationships Tool (S-PRT): A novel approach to the measurement of subjective health-related quality of life: ... Interpersonal Receptiveness, Interpersonal ...

Mark J Atkinson et al.

Health and Quality of Life Outcomes , 16 Jul 2004

Gram-negative bacterial LPS induced poor uterine receptivity and implantation failure in mouse: alterations in IL-1beta expression in the preimplantation embryo and uterine horns.

Kaushik Deb et al.

Infectious Diseases in Obstetrics and Gynecology , 01 Sep 2005

Exercise training with dietary counselling increases mitochondrial chaperone expression in middle-aged subjects with impaired glucose tolerance: ... and the oxygen radical absorbing capacity values and, in the ...

Mika Venojärvi et al.

BMC Endocrine Disorders , 27 Mrz 2008

Influence of venous emptying on the reactive hyperemic blood flow response: ... Forearm RHBF, venous capacitance and venous outflow were ...

Zeki Bahadir et al.

Dynamic Medicine , 14 Mrz 2007

Progesterone receptor A and c-Met mediates spheroids-endometrium attachment: ... in endometrial receptivity. Methods Two ...

Haggar Harduf et al.

Reproductive Biology and Endocrinology : RB&E , 16 Feb 2009

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