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Synthesis, Characterization and Antitumour Activity of Some Butyltin(IV) Cysteaminates and N,N-Dimethylcysteaminates: ... in this work are more active than cisplatin, ...

Marcel Gielen et al.

Metal-Based Drugs , 2000

Cytotoxicity Profiles for a Series of Triorganophosphinegold(I) Dithiocarbamates and Triorganophosphinegold(I) Xanthates: ... derivatives are more active than their xanthate ...

Dick de Vos et al.

Bioinorganic Chemistry and Applications , 2004

Patterning of palatal rugae through sequential addition reveals an anterior/posterior boundary in palatal development: ... new ruga forms from an active zone of high proliferation ...

Sophie Pantalacci et al.

BMC Developmental Biology , 16 Dez 2008

Synaptic proteins as multi-sensor devices of neurotransmission: ... (NT) release at the active zone. The process starts by ...

Guy Brachya et al.

BMC Neuroscience , 30 Okt 2006

Modulators of arginine metabolism support cancer immunosurveillance: ... Tumor-associated accrual of myeloid derived ...

Giusy Capuano et al.

BMC Immunology , 09 Jan 2009

A decade of letrozole: FACE: ... patients (target accrual, N = 4,000) are ...

Joyce O’Shaughnessy

Breast Cancer Research and Treatment , 01 Okt 2007

Gene expression in the developing mouse retina by EST sequencing and microarray analysis: ... a function of total EST accrual suggests that the total ...

Xiuqian Mu et al.

Nucleic Acids Research , 15 Dez 2001

Positive Selection of Iris, a Retroviral Envelope –Derived Host Gene in Drosophila melanogaster: ... from a novel, active Kanga lineage of insect retroviruses at least 25 million years ago, and has since been maintained as a host gene that is expressed in all adult tissues. Iris and the envelope genes from Kanga retroviruses are homologous to those found in insect baculoviruses and gypsy and roo insect retroviruses. Two separate envelope domestications from the Kanga and roo retroviruses have taken place, in fruit fly and mosquito genomes, respectively. Whereas retroviral envelopes are proteolytically cleaved into the ligand-interaction and membrane-fusion domains, Iris appears to lack this cleavage site. In the takahashii/suzukii species groups of Drosophila, we find that Iris has tandemly duplicated to give rise to two genes (Iris-A and Iris-B). Iris-B has significantly diverged from the Iris-A lineage, primarily because of the “invention” of an intron de novo in what was previously exonic sequence. Unlike domesticated retroviral envelope genes in mammals, we find that Iris has been subject to strong positive selection between Drosophila species. The rapid, adaptive evolution of Iris is sufficient to unambiguously distinguish the phylogenies of three closely related sibling species of Drosophila (D. simulans, D. sechellia, and D. mauritiana), a discriminative power previously described only for a putative “speciation gene.” Iris represents the first instance of a retroviral envelope –derived host gene outside vertebrates. It is also the first example of a retroviral envelope gene that has been found to be subject to positive selection following its domestication. The unusual selective pressures acting on Iris suggest that it is an active participant in an ongoing genetic ...

Harmit S Malik et al.

PLoS Genetics , 01 Okt 2005

Probing the activation of the replicative origin of broad host-range plasmid R1162 with Tus, the E.coli anti-helicase protein.: ... domain was more active. In addition, when ter ...

H S Zhou et al.

Nucleic Acids Research , 11 Okt 1991

Synthesis, Characterization and High In Vitro Antitumour Activity of Novel Triphenyltin Carboxylates: ... All three compounds are more active than cis-platin, ...

Marcel Gielen et al.

Metal-Based Drugs , 1994

Cytotoxicity of Triorganophosphinegold(I) n-Mercaptobenzoates, n = 2, 3 and 4: ... 2-isomeric species are more active, particularly against ...

Dick de Vos et al.

Metal-Based Drugs , 2002

Inhibition of the growth of Ureaplasma urealyticum by a new urease inhibitor, flurofamide.: ... was 1,000 times more active than acetohydroxamic ...

G. E. Kenny

The Yale Journal of Biology and Medicine , 1983

Ocean climate and seal condition: ... of successful resource accrual. Results The mean ...

Burney J Le Boeuf et al.

BMC Biology , 28 Mrz 2005

Understanding the attitudes of the elderly towards enrolment into cancer clinical trials: ... role in preventing accrual of elderly cancer ...

Carol A Townsley et al.

BMC Cancer , 08 Feb 2006

Treatment of non-small cell lung cancer with intensity-modulated radiation therapy in combination with cetuximab: the NEAR protocol (NCT00115518): ... metastases with an accrual of 30 patients. ...

AD Jensen et al.

BMC Cancer , 08 Mai 2006

Barriers in phase I cancer clinical trials referrals and enrollment: five-year experience at the Princess Margaret Hospital: ... information on the accrual rate and to identify ...

Jeremy Ho et al.

BMC Cancer , 08 Nov 2006

A one-year exercise intervention program in pre-pubertal girls does not influence hip structure: ... program influences the accrual of bone mineral in ...

Gayani Alwis et al.

BMC Musculoskeletal Disorders , 24 Jan 2008

A school-curriculum-based exercise intervention program for two years in pre-pubertal girls does not influence hip structure: ... on bone mineral accrual, and is thus possibly ...

Gayani Alwis et al.

Dynamic Medicine : DM , 28 Apr 2008

Nutrient intakes related to osteoporotic fractures in men and women – The Brazilian Osteoporosis Study (BRAZOS): ... role in bone mass accrual and maintenance and has ...

Marcelo M Pinheiro et al.

Nutrition Journal , 29 Jan 2009

The effect of leucovorin on the therapeutic index of fluorouracil in cancer patients.: ... completed patient accrual, and the preliminary ...

R. J. DeLap

The Yale Journal of Biology and Medicine , 1988

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