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Protocol Definition: A rule which guides how an activity should be performed.
Antineoplastic Protocols Definition: Clinical protocols used to inhibit the growth or spread of NEOPLASMS.
protocol Definition: An action plan for a clinical trial. The plan states what the study will do, how, and why. It explains how many people will be in it, who is eligible to participate, what study agents or other interventions they will be given, what tests they will receive and how often, and what information will be gathered.
Clinical Study Protocol Definition: A formal document that describes a complete plan of research activity in the framework of a clinical study; specifically, the study objective(s), design, methodology, eligibility requests for prospective subjects and controls; intervention regimen(s), proposed methods of analysis of data; statistical considerations, and organization of the study. The protocol usually also provides the background and rationale for the trial, but these could be represented in other protocol referenced documents.
Adjuvant Study Definition: A study performed secondary to and in support of a primary or base study in order to support, enhance, or expand upon its results or findings.
Library Protocol Definition: Laboratory protocol used to prepare a Library.
Acquisition Protocol Definition: A type of clinical acquisition protocol for creating images or image-derived measurements. Acquisition protocols may be specific to a manufacturer's product.
Study Protocol Definition: The formal plan of an experiment or research activity, including the objective, rationale, design, materials and methods for the conduct of the study; intervention description, and method of data analysis.
On Study Definition: Actively participating in a study.
protocol Definition: Protocole, compte-rendu, procès-verbal, formulaire.
protocol Definition: Réglement.
protocole Definition: Recueil des formules prescrites pour la rédaction des actes publics.
protocole Definition: Recueil des formules en usage pour la correspondance officielle ou privée, selon la hiérarchie sociale des correspondants.
protocole Definition: Bon usage, politesse.
protocole Definition: Recueil des formules consacrées pour la rédaction des instruments diplomatiques, conventions, traités, lettres de créance, déclarations, etc.
protocole Definition: Procès-verbal authentique d’une conférence, d’un congrès.
protocole Definition: Recueil des règles établies pour les honneurs et les préséances dans les cérémonies officielles.
protocole Definition: Service du ministère des affaires étrangères où se traitent les questions protocolaires.
protocole Definition: Ensemble des règles à respecter pour communiquer, par exemple entre un PC et une imprimante.
procès-verbal Definition: Acte par lequel un gendarme,un policier, un garde champêtre, etc., constate une contravention, un délit.
procès-verbal Definition: Relation par laquelle une personne qualifiée constate un fait.
procès-verbal Definition: Compte rendu d’un fait par une personne qualifiée, de la séance d’une assemblée, d’une réunion.
protocol Definition: Compte-rendu, procès-verbal, protocole.
protocol Definition: Compte-rendu, procès-verbal, protocole.
proces-verbaal Definition: Compte-rendu, procès-verbal, protocole.
bekeuring Definition: Amende, procès-verbal.
bekeuring Definition: Compte-rendu, procès-verbal, protocole.
notulen Definition: Compte-rendu, procès-verbal, protocole.